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Sanitary waste disposal services from All 4 Woman Hygiene

At All 4 Woman Hygiene, we offer an extensive range of waste disposal and sanitary products and services for your business.

Tailoring our available packages to suit your needs, we offer more flexibility and a higher level of commitment to our customers than many of the larger names in the industry. We ensure that our service is available at times to suit your business, and that we are flexible in the provision of our services. From providing the products you need to maintaining and emptying / refilling when required, we offer a complete service which is discreet, professional and gives you peace of mind.

About our products

Sanitary Units

Our sanitary units come in white or chrome and we offer pedal operated or automatic styles. We also supply a modesty bag unit which we will refill during our routine service visit.

pedal 23L size as at biggest part including
pedal 540 X 550 X 160 
automatic 23L

midi 540x160x400 mm  

Air Freshener Units
Air freshener units will be installed and programmed according to the area fitted. We believe that air fresheners should not overpower you, but should leave a pleasant aroma. We replace batteries and refill canisters on your routine service visit.

2.06kg - 24cm x 21cm x 18cm

Urinal Sanitisers
Urinal sanitisers can be programmed to fit the individual requirements. One unit can clean and deodorize up to four bowls running on the same tank. This is also serviced with batteries and new refills on a routine service visit

2.8kg - 26cm x 26cm x 29cm 

Vending Machines

Our vending machines are on a rental basis, meaning we can keep the costs down for your staff or customers when purchasing from the machines.

  • Robust construction of best quality 18 guage mild steel with concealed welds
  • Mechanical operation - no mains or battery power
  • Combined coin mechanism and product drawer
  • High security RPT locks
  • Die cast construction
  • Coins are inserted into drawer front
  • Sits under the product column
  • Drawer locks out when the product column is empty
  • Adjustable to suit multiples of any coin (including foreign currency)
  • Guaranteed for 5 years

Two models for different maximum pack sizes: 
a) 110mm x 75mm x 25mm
b) 130mm x 50mm x 20mm

Lockable Clinical Waste Bins

We can supply these lockable bins as part of our service, this means that your waste is not taking up all of the room in your premises and can removed to another area out of your way.

Capacity - 360 litres (rated)
Weight - 15.9kg
Wheels - 20cm and 30cm diameter

Capacity - 1100 litres (nominal)
Weight - 64.3kg (standard container)
Wheels - 20cm diameter 

Nappy Bins

Nappy bins are supplied on their own or with a lockable external yellow bin, depending on usage and/or collection frequencies.

  • Moulded polyethylene construction
  • 65 litre capacity
  • Airtight top fitting
  • Chuted lid for discretion and maximum hygiene
Sharps Containers

Sharps containers come in varying sizes, for all industries, from 0.2 litres to 30 litres.

Tiger Striped Bags
Tiger striped bags are supplied as part of any of the waste services, and unlike other companies we do not charge for each and every bag that you use. To make life easier for everyone we suggest that they are not filled to the brim, as this causes problems in lifting and sometimes causes splitting. We supply an endless stream of bags and our staff will recognise that 2 half bags = 1 bag.

Capacity - 5kg to 60 litres

Hazardous Waste
Hazardous waste comes with a hazardous waste note. Unfortunately this service does incur an extra charge due to the nature of the disposal required for safety purposes, and while this is beyond our control, we only charge what we have to. Most companies charge between £32 - £60 pounds for each note.

Capacity - 5kg to 6 litres
Colour variety to suit NHS colour guidanceg to move.

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